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The library is an indispensable source of acquiring knowledge and information. Located on the first floor of the main building, our library has all the necessary books and periodicals that the students and faculty may consult to enrich their body of knowledge. In addition to the main hall of the library that contains a large number of books pertaining to various disciplines like Science, Social Science, Humanities and Commerce, the college library has a separate reading room where the students and faculties read books and secondary material of their interest in their spare time. Besides books covering the prescribed syllabi, the college Library subscribes to various Newspapers, Journals, Magazines, reference Material and e-contents in order to cater the varied academic and creative needs of the students. Currently, the college is equipped with 3100 reference books and 11500 text books. For the upgradation and smooth functioning of the college library, the college constitutes Library Committee that decides and adopts policies to constantly upgrade its facilities and activities for the benefit of the student community.The automation of  the college library undertaken in 2019 was taken to its logical conclusion.


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